srijeda, 7. studenoga 2012.

Favorite things

It's a difficult to find the right products for my skin care, but when I find them I stay faitful to them. Here are just some of my favorit products, and most of them everyone can buy.

Teško nalazim odgovarajuće proizvode za njegu kože, ali kad ih nađem ostajem im vjerna. Ovdje su samo neki od mojih najdražih  proizvoda i većinu od njih svatko si može priuštiti.

Bourjois foam face wash is for dry and sensitive skin, and it's realy great, face is soft.
Gliss Kur is for damaged hair, you just rub in tips of hair, after using this product hair is easy to comb, but hair is greasy  after two days.
Klas is silicon for damaged hair and hair tips, it is great, and it's not expensive.
Clean and Clear is toner bleckheads, does not dry out the skin and removes blackheads.
Garnier body lotion, designed for dry skin, not expensive.
Melem is something I always have, it's designed for dry and sensitive skin, you can use it everywhere, on your arms, face, legs, foots.
I alway use this mascara, they are from Maybelline, I think their mascara are the best!
Here is eyeshadow from S-he, it's not expensive, they have great colors. And the last thing is Essence blush, it is good and also it is not expensive.

Hope I help, I try to put products that every one can afford.  What's your favorit products? Write to me.

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