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Today something about the brand that I really like, the prices are affordable to everyone, clothing is a beautiful, modern and good quality. I always find something for myself.

In 1961 Vittorio Tadei starts his adventure of entrepreneurship in Rimini,in Italian coastal city.
The son of a trainman and a housewife, leaves his job as accountant to work in the clothing store run by his family in Riccione. It is the beginning of a great adventure that, from the first handmade knitwear workshop, will bring him in the 1970s to engage in wholesale distribution projects on a wider range.

Teddy group consists of several brands including: Terranova, Caliope, Rinascimento.

After establishing Teddy, in 1988 Vittorio created Terranova.

Terranova, the brand  is one of the most important European low-cost brands of young and urban fashion.

Terranova experience is based on three key concepts: Easy to wear, a product that fits everyone, easy to buy, thanks to its affordable price, easy to live, thanks to the feeling of freedom and freshness you can breath at any Terranova point of sale.

Terranova has 462 points of sale in 34 countries. Today it employs more than 6,000 people.
Terranova has clothes for women (coats and jackets, jeans, leggings, shirt, dresses,sweater,...) men and kids. Here you can also find accessories.

What do you think about Terranova clothes?!

I just love their clothes so I write about it. I'm not paid to write the article. This is my personal opinion.

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