nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

Outfits: Just simple

Just simple

Cowgirl shirt / H&M shirt top, $24 / H&M loose shirt, $21 / Wool blend trench coat / Brown leather jacket / Abercrombie & Fitch clothing / Skinny leg jeans, $18 / H&M black flare skirt, $24 / Laced up boots / Timberland lace up boots, $245 / H&M leopard print scarve, $11
I like this two outfits. To the firs outfit I add a two jackets, I think this outfit would look great with both of them. I love this Timberland boots, they are so comfortable and waterproof which is great for rain and snow.
Second combination is so girly and cozy. This pink coat is fabulous, I want it!

What do you think about this combinations?! Do you like it?!

Thank you for reading!
Keep On Smiling & be happy!:)

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  1. Predivan roza kaputic :) Pratimo se na GFC? x


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